When I read the book

  • When I read the book "I want to be a good boy" in one breath, "cat and mouse, which one do you like" left a deep impression on me. The image of the protagonist of the story compares himself to a poor mouse, and the top students in those classes are lovable cats, sorrowful and angry to reveal the sadness and resentment thraph, my tears are like the flood of the dyke, flooding. Jin Ling, I really understand you, maybe, we are all the same, it is a mouse. But in my mind, you become a good student, a good boy, and I amtheir character, but the cat is used to being adored and petted. But the mice can only be cast aside, the mice cross the street - everyone shouts, in desperation, they only have to steal. I don't under homework with my heart. I will be considerate and help parents Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. However, in their minds, only learning, only achievements, whenever we write homework to write hand sour, I hope to put down a pen rest or hope that someone will bring a cup of thick milk, lift the spirit, warm heart. However, what they are holding is not the warmth, but the stacking of hills and the chatter. Since then, repeated lectures, repeated and repeated homework assignments, and repeated and repeated embarrassment, are our minds getting slower and slower, and the expectation of ascending to elementary school, erased by parents and teachers a little; face The smile on the face, in the intense study, disappeared a little bit; the friendship between the students, the tacit understanding between the teachers and the students, under the pressure of competition, a little bit weakened, knowing that the wind has passed.te of the teacher, will understand the parents Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, will maintain good friendship with the students. Yes, this is a good boy, but more parents, more teachers, not good children, good students! As long as you learn well, you will do. A lot of good students are like this - a set in front of the teacher and a set behind the teacher Marlboro Menthol 100S. Other students want to have a good relationship with him, then ask him to eat and tout him. Good students, and unceremoniously accepted this "good gift", secretly cover this classmate. However, sometimes, when the matter is exposed, no matter what friendship, even if there are inextricably linked relationships, he will not hesitate to push all the responsibilities to others. Therefore, he is strong in front of his classmates, so that everyone can avoid it and have to go to "friendship" with him. However, in front of the teacher, he came to a 180-degree turn, respectfully stood in front of the teacher, helped the teacher to send tea to the water, rushed to send the book, the teacher stood on the podium, praised him, said that he was sensible How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. He pretended to be modest and said that this is what he should do Cigarettes Online. The teacher listened, of course, it was a burst of praise. There were uncomfortable students below, but there was notn the eyes of the teacher, the results are not good, usually bad children. The teacher will quickly discover the shortcomings of the bad boy, but a little they can't find it and can't find it. They will only pick up the problems of the children, and the teacher will only believe the words of the students. In fact, only a few teachers will treat all the same people, idioms, verses, just a small part of the teacher's description, huh, huh.