Chaos has not been divided

  • Chaos has not been divided into chaos, no one sees. Since Pangu broke Hongmeng, the development has been clear from the confession.writing the group of people to the benevolence, inventing everything is good. To know these history, the world of literati is recorded. Dance and ink, play songs on wine, poetry and poetry, make inscriptions. Every figure, behind each item, is a unique world. Therefore, some people talk about books and some people write esotericly. Their bit by bit, the achievement is the hiat in Chinese literature, there are four glittering four gold stars and four books of literati. They are: "Dream of Red Mansions", "Journey to the West", "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin". Each is an innocent jade in world literature. Among them, my favorite is "Journey to the West" undu Chengen, "Journey to the West" is dazzling and incomprehensible. It tells the long road of the mentoring and the four men to go to the Western Heaven. It tells the relationship and balance of the three realms (human, devil, and god); the conflict and harmony between the three religions (Buddha, Fa, and Tao). One of the most interesting and most varied is the "Qi Tian Da Sheng" - Sun Wukong (Ske Sun Wukong��s troubles in the Heavenly Palace, how easy it is, it seems that this ishow the monkey came from, let's take a look at the original text. "There is a fairy stone on the mountain. The stone produces an egg Carton Of Cigarettes. See a weathered stone monkey." Originally, Mr. Sun��s coming is really not too small. It is a product of the essence of heaven and earth. . Mr. Sun was there to worship the Quartet, paying attention to the golden light, shooting the rushing house. Nowadays, taking the bait and water, Jinguang will sneak into it." Mr. Sun can be really prestige, but it is not now. The first shot that Mr. Sun appeared at that time was "Suddenly, a stone monkey jumped out of the clumps Marlboro Red." At this time, Mr. Sun did not even have the integrity of the real leather.lking about Mr. Sun��s Monkey King��s Road is also speechless. It is not difficult to say that the ups and downs are difficult. It was with the courage of six points, two points of luck and one point of rr good Mr Carton Of Marlboro Reds. Sun bravely jumped into the waterfall and became the first monkey of adventure! I have to say that this Mr. Sun is not only a big life but also such a good luck. At that time, the waterfall was "a white rainbow, a thousand snow drifts. The sea breeze continued, Jiang Yuezhao still depends. The air-conditioning is divided into green, and the rest of the flow is green. The famous waterfall illy misinterpreted or unintentionally written. And look at the original "all monkeys clap their hands and praised: 'good water, good water! Originally here under the foot of the mountain, direct waves of the sea. 'And said: 'that one has the ability, drilled to find a source to come out without hurting The body, I am waiting to worship him as the king. 'Let's even screamed three times, and suddenly saw a stone monkey jumping out of the clumps." Everyone looked at the three calls and hesitated. If you don��t want to live, how can you wait for such a long time? At least Mr. Sun is still thinking through the brain. Mr. Sun is playing gambling. The gambling is the respect of the famous throon Mr. Sun introduced the monkey group into a paradise on earth. "The green dragonfly, the white clouds and the floating jade, the light shakes the piece of haze. The virtual window quiet room, the sliding stool board produces flowers. The breast dragon ball leans back and hangs back to the ground Wonderful. The pot stove is covered with fire, and it depends on the case to see the slag Newport 100S. The stone bed is really cute, the stone bowl is more boastful. See also the two bamboos, three and five plums. Several trees Qingsong often carries rain, like a personal home. How many times do you see the world? The beauty of Huaguoshan didn��t let Mr. Sun forget a word. ��When you go in and don��t hurt a monkey��s hair, worship him as the king.�� Mr. Sun sees this situation, but Daji��s big joy is not to take the opportunity to rectify the throne. Good time to rest? The only thing that haSanyang Jiaotai is a group of people, and the sacred stone contains the sun and the moon. The egg is finished with the monkey, and the name of the surname is matched with Dan Cheng Newport Cigarettes Price. The insider is not known because there is no phase, and the outside is known to be tangible. Everyone belongs to this, and the king is called the sage."