I have been teased and

  • I have been teased and suspected Cigarette Online, but I know the true self. Maybe I am not a superman, I can't save the world, but I only ask for that fait��n the fifth grade, I transferred to school. I clearly know the reasons for my transfer. When I think about the things I used to, I can't live like death. I use learning to paralyze myself. However, the world is always so small, my classmates are everywhere. Advocating that my grades are not true, but reversing or repeating grades, otherwise I can't score as high as every exam. I didn't put it in my heart, but the teacher also believed that there was no place for faith. I thought about transferring again, but I didn't Newport Cigarettes Website. I can't escape from another place because I "smashed" a place, maybe I can chang�� my mood, in order to alleviate the pressure, I do not intend to talk in the qq space, even if the permissions are set, friends and relatives still have a way to "peek" my secret Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, hurt me again. Maybe the composition I wrote is not so good, but everyone always doesn't believe me. I added the composition I once wrote, and modified it to the composition network. The grade is the grade I wrote before, but everyone doesn't believe me��am arrogant, I used to be very glorious. I may be better than other children in peacetime Carton Of Cigarettes, but now I am equal to everyone. I don��t have the teacher��s ��other�� careful teaching, but everyone still doubts�� not a statue, a statue that has been discussed. I doubted me when I was successful. I laughed at me when I failed. Is this a thing worthy of pride or a sad thing�� don��t know far away, if people around me lose faith in me and treat me and look at me from this point of view Marlboro Gold, what would I feel? I am not a god, I will not change my identity�� am most eager, everyone can give me a faith. Friends, can't doubt our friendship because of my usual unintentional jokes; classmates, can't doubt my efforts because of my small success; my loved ones, I can't doubt my gratitude for you because of my usual indifference; We can't take me in class during the madness of my class..��elieve me, I only hope that you really understand me, look at me by myself, don't feel free to rate me because you are my identity!