My grandmother is over

  • My grandmother is over sixty years old and lives in the countryside. Taking advantage of the summer vacation, Mom and Dad took me back to my hometown to visit my grandmothein the city for a long time, and everything in the countryside is fresh and makes me curious. Of course, what I am most interested in is the number of grandmother's garden. In this colorful season, many crops in the garden, like peanuts, eggplants, and tomatoes, are full of colorful flowers. It��s just that some of these flowers are not very nice Marlboro Cigarettes Price, not too small, or not bright. But the little wildflowers beside the path in the garden, there are pale blue Newport Cigarettes, faint, and white... but it looks great. The best thing to look at is the canna, the whole body is red and red, and it is covered with crystal clear and bright dewdrops. It shines and shakes in the morning sun.tract many butterflies and bees, flying around in a "squeaky" way. These butterflies and moths are generally small and not very noticeable. There is only one big white butterfly. The edges of the wings are black. They are always flying in pairs in pairs, and they don��t know what to say. The bees are covered with fluff and fall on a flower, and the bulging is like a small ball. Seeing these butterflies and bees, I am coming again. No, a small yellow butterfly flew past, and I rushed to chase it. However, in the blink of an eye, the little yellow butterfly flew into the peanut field Carton Of Cigarettes, and the cover of the peanut flower disappeared Cigarette Online. Peanut flowers are a kind of earthy yellow, not as golden and golden as rapeseed, and not as dense as rapeseed, which is quite recognizable. After a while, I recognized the little yellow butterfly, but suddenly I didn't want to chase it anymore. As soon as I saw a red and beautiful canna, I ran over and picked it up. I could regret it when I finished te is to count corn. The corn was hung with red scorpions and covered with green robes, revealing a slightly dry corn kernel. Obviously, in a few days, I would be full of food Wholesale Cigarettes. But I couldn't wait, and I took a corn cob in the thunder and I was playing in my hand. Grandma met and laughed and had to promise to go home and steam it for me. As soon as I heard it, my mouth was so big that I made my teeth like to fly out.o find a shady grass and watched the unknown bugs still busy there.