You can still work towards finishing the challenge

  • The Stink Bomb is a brand new throwable weapon; it"generates a stinky cloud which deals five harm every half-second inside the cloud" It lasts for nine minutes in complete, and can be located in Epic rarity just in chests, Vending Machines, and in flooring loot.

    Moreover, a fresh limited-time style was added. This usually means the storm circle stops closing in following its third change. Now, a countdown will start, and the team with the most Fortnite materials players remaining at the end of the timer will probably triumph.

    For more from update 4.4, have a look at the full patch notes at the bottom of this guide, through Epic Games. The patch comes before the Week 8 challenges but will not resolve a recent issue which meant a symbol resembling a swastika could accidentally be viewed in-game--that fix is coming next week. Update 4.4 is the match's first since the launch of Battle Royale on Nintendo Switch. That came shortly after it had been confirmed throughout Nintendo's E3 press conference broadcast, even though it was leaked and rumored for quite a while.

    It's Season 4, Week 7 at Fortnite: Battle Royale, something that players committed to earning every reward have been awaiting for a time. This is the week when folks can eventually complete the challenge that unlocks the Blockbuster epidermis -- we know it's actually known as the"Visitor" skin, but it's still the epidermis you get from completing the Blockbuster Challenge. If you notice some gamers running around in this impressive-looking alien supervillain skin, then read on for how to finish the Blockbuster Challenge and unlock The Visitor on your own.

    To start with, you are likely to have to acquire your Fight Pass all of the way up to Tier 100 so as to access the Blockbuster Challenge. This is no joke, especially if you're starting from Tier 0 didn't get any bonuses out of the top tee or pass 3. But don't worry: you can still work towards finishing the challenge before you hit Tier 100, and ideally, you can snag The Visitor as soon as you reach Tier 100.

    Update: As it turns out you do not have to reach Tier 100, so the above paragraph doesn't apply. All you have to do is complete seven months of challenges.That is not all you need to do, however. Completing the Blockbuster Challenge takes you to complete every challenge in a given week, seven weeks in total. A number of them are much harder than others, and I'm probably just going to wait for next week rather than struggle on throughout the Week 5 challenges. But lucky for you, we have guides for each individual week. If you have any blank spots in there you will have to fill them in before you can unlock skin.

    Complete every challenge on that list and you're going to complete the Blockbuster Challenge, with the only other top-tier goal for the entire year being to achieve Season Level 85 so as to outfit Carbide and Omega using their particular color-changing lights. Aside from that, weapons is time to show off: there is nothing worse than kitting out yourself in a high-end Fight Pass skin and perishing in some embarrassing way, but take comfort in knowing that whoever murdered you probably feels great about it.